Scan Your Photos With Your iPhone!

Posted by Chris on 11-9-2011

Scan your photos with your iPhone from home using a new iPhone app called Shoebox. This new app was developed for iPhone users looking for a quick and easy way to scan photos or documents from their own home, using only a phone! Once scanned it’s then very easy to upload to your favorite photo sharing sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Although you won’t get the same quality of actual dedicated flat-bed photo scanning, you can get surprisingly crisp images if you scan your photos with your iPhone, especially if you own a later version iPhone such as the 4 or 4s models. Using this free app, which will soon also be available on Android and other mobile platforms, you can scan 4×6 photos with a DPI of up to 550.

Shoebox also incorporates cropping and straightening as it auto-detects the edges of a photo. Users who already caption and tag photos taken on mobile phones, Shoebox users can do the same with these scans. The photos are then automatically uploaded to the website 1000memories, where it can be organized and shared with friends and family.

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  1. Moody says:

    Another new app for iPad and iphone named Pic Scanner is even better. Can scan 3-4 photos together, then it will crop and save them automatically. Many other features too.

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