Shipping Your Memories

Ship Your Memories - Easy as 1 2 3!

You can expect the same great service, even if you aren't near our local stores. By following these simple guidelines, your order will safely arrive at our facility:




  • Tell us about yourself - for your shipping label
  • Tell us about your stuff - provide quantities, media types, and special requests
  • Send your stuff on it’s way - pack your stuff, print your FedEx label, and send us your memories
  • We track your package - and give it special attention when it gets here
  • We’ll call you directly - we want to get everything 100% right!
  • We work our magic - our experts convert all of your precious memories by hand
  • We’ll follow up when your order is complete - we will arrange final payment and return delivery
  • Track your return order - and prepare to be amazed!
  • Enjoy and share you memories - for years to come
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