How Many Photos Fit On a DVD?

Posted by Chris on 2-16-2011

Have you ever wondered how many photos will fit on a DVD? By performing a few simple calculations, you can easily figure out how many photos, negatives, or slides can fit on a DVD. This is useful for planning out how you will store your images after a large photo scanning project. The resulting file size from your scans can vary depending on several factors, the most important being what resolution the images were scanned in. For photos, scanners will generally scan them anywhere from 300-600dpi. Slides and negatives, on the other hand, could be scanned up to 4000dpi.


Scanning photos at a higher resolution produces much better quality at the expense of disk space. This means that an image scanned at 4000dpi will be considerable larger in size than the same image scanned at 2000dpi. This is important to know in order to figure out how many photos will fit on a DVD.

For a standard sized 35mm slide scanned at 2000dpi, it runs an average of about 5mb per image. For 4000dpi scans, this could be as high as 12-15mb per image. Photos are scanned at a lower resolution, which creates a smaller file size. At 300 dpi, a scanned photo is about 2mb.

Since a DVD holds roughly 4500mb, you can easily fit about 2000 photos, or around 900 slides or negatives scanned at 4000dpi. Don’t forget to stop by our new office for your photo scanning in los angeles.

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