April is tax month, which means we have very little time left to turn our earnings over to the IRS. Some of us might actually look forward to tax season, due to the fact that you may receive a tax return check. People typically spend their tax returns on a variety of things such as paying off debts, buying clothes or making a new down payment. These are all great things to buy with your tax return, but as it usually goes, we often spend the money much quicker than we got it in the first place which often leaves us wishing we spent it on something else.

Have you ever thought of using your tax return check for converting your family memories to a digital format? Money is one of the reasons that prevents a lot of families from committing to convert their collection of memories to DVD, Blu-ray or computer files. With a tax return check, you can convert a large majority, if not all of your memories, in one go! Just keep in mind that converting your memories is a one time cost, and once they’re digitized, you can copy them again and again, as many times as you want! This makes it a perfect for sharing with friends and family, or uploading to social networking sites like Facebook or Youtube. You can use your tax return on any of our professional services including:

Video tape transfer
Film transfer
Audio transfer and conversion
Negative Scanning
Slide Scanning
Photo Scanning
Slideshow Movies

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