CD Ripping in San Diego

Posted by Chris on 2-15-2012

Our sister company, CD Ripping San Diego has now opened! Our professional audio CD ripping services provide you with new ways to listen to your collection of audio CDs. We can transform your CDs into a wide variety of audio formats including CD ripping to MP3, FLAC, WAV, and AAC. By converting your collection of CDs to audio files, you’ll have the freedom to bring your audio with you, anywhere you go! CD Ripping is a term for extracting the audio from your CDs and placing them as audio files on your computer or hard drive. Audio CD ripping a great way to not only scale down the size of your collection, but also help secure your audio for the future. By audio CD ripping your collection to digital files, you open up new avenues for you to enjoy your music and audio. We can even convert CD to iPod, iPhone and other mobile devices. More and more people have begun to convert their collection of audio into a more manageable format such as MP3, Apple Lossless, or FLAC audio. By using audio files, you can listen to your music on the go, in your car, or wherever else you may be in the world. Never worry about losing or damaging your delicate discs as everything will be stored on your own personal hard drive for safekeeping. We use premium metatagging databases on every order we recieve to ensure that all of your albums has correct artist name, album name and song title. We can even provide you with free album artwork if available. With multiple file formats and bitrates to choose from, you can convert your music into a format that is perfect for your devices and situation. If you have a few CDs of your own you’d like to rip, we have a great guide on how to rip CDs using Windows Media Player!

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