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Posted by Chris on 4-12-2012

We’ve recently updated our website and now each of our stores have their own separate sub-site. These sub-sites will contain store specific information such as news, location information, and specials. We’ve tried to make the navigation as easy as possible for everyone visiting the site by breaking it up into sections according to city. The new sub-sites are: http://www.dvdyourmemories.com/san-diego/ http://www.dvdyourmemories.com/orange-county/ http://www.dvdyourmemories.com/los-angeles/ http://www.dvdyourmemories.com/denver/ If you find that you’re in the wrong store’s subsite (for example: you wanted the San Diego Location instead of the Los Angeles location) You simply need to scroll to the top of the page, and click the Choose Your Store dropdown menu. This will allow you to change your store with a click of a button, and it will even keep you on the same page you were just viewing. On the sidebar, you’ll notice store-specific information such as store address, hours, and the technician who’ll be working on your order.

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