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Audio cassettes were a very popular audio format that was used primarily from the 70s to the 90s. As a result, many of us have precious audio memories stored on these cassettes. By using our audio cassette to CD transfer service in San Diego, we can take your old tapes and transfer them to our 100-year archival CDs to preserve them for a lifetime.

Audio Restoration Services

Check out our professional audio restoration services. We provide two levels of service depending on how much restoration your audio needs.

Audio restoration information and pricing

Cassette to CD San Diego - Pricing

Audio Cassette to CD

Audio Cassette/Microcassette

Transfer to CD Transfer to Hard Drive
Pricing (per tape) $19.99 $19.99
Track Splits
$10.00 per tape
  • We use a professional, high-quality tape deck to ensure the best quality transfer. All audio is recorded onto the highest grade CDs.
  • For quantities over 20 tapes, additional bulk discounts apply. Please inquire at the time of your order.
  • Blu-ray data disc: Add $20 per Blu-ray data disc. Blu-ray discs can hold up to 25GB of data. (Must have BD-R optical drive to read data)
  • Extra copies

    Extra Copies

    Sharing your memories with others? We provide extra CD/DVD copies packaged and ready for only $10 each.

    $10 per CD / DVD
  • CD Ripping

    CD Ripping

    Looking to convert your CD collection to digital music files? We can help! Our professional audio CD ripping services provide you with the freedom to enjoy your music anywhere. Convert your CDs to MP3, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless & WAV locally.

    Click for Pricing
  • TIFF Format

    Upgrade to Blu-ray

    Upgrade your audio transfer order to our Blu-Ray discs for only $20! We'll place your music as data on a Blu-ray disc, which holds much more data than a CD or DVD. For more information about our Blu-ray services, please visit our Blu-ray transfer page.

    $20 per Blu-ray disc
  • TIFF Format

    Tape Repair Service

    Tape Repair Service is only $30 per tape. Re-splicing the tape and replacing the cassette shell when necessary are included in this service. Repaired tapes must go through our tape transfer service after the repair has finished. Got a simple fix? Check out our Video Tape Repair Guide.

    $30 per tape
Click here for Optional Add Ons
  • TIFF Format

    Audio Restoration

    We also offer post-recording audio restoration on the media you have transferred. Among them are noise, click, pop and scratch reduction/removal, normalization, equalization, and track splicing (creating one good copy from two bad ones). This service is offered at $40 per half hour of editing time.

    Basic Restoration: $20 per media piece

    Advanced Restoration: $40 per media piece

    Premium Restoration: $80 per media piece

Geek Corner

Audio Cassette Transfer

Audio Cassettes

The compact audio cassette, or also known as a cassette tape, cassette, or just tape is a magnetic sound recording medium used primarily for professional, and consumer recordings. Audio cassettes are generally considered to be the successor of the standard 1/4″ audio reels. By the late 1970s, audio cassettes were one of the most popular forms of prerecorded music, along with the LP, and later on the compact disc. Cassettes consist of two small reels enclosed between two plastic protective shells, usually held by screws or glue. The tape can be mono or stereo, and can be played in both directions, for a total of two playable sides.

Audio Cassette to CD Transfer Process

Prior to the cassette to CD transfer, your audio cassette will be inspected by our audio transfer technician to check for any inconsistancies or damage to the tape or audio cassette casing. Upon coming across a problem with one or more of your cassette tapes, we will contact you to let you know exactly what the issue is, and how we can go about fixing it. Once the initial audio cassette to CD transfer is completed, we store your files to our in-house computers. From there, the audio cassette transfer is run through our powerful audio editing tools which allow the audio cassette transfer technician to determine the sound quality of the cassette tape to CD transfer. If needed, we offer basic audio cleanup services to remove sound recording errors or other problems which are common in older analog tape recordings. Once the recording is determined to be of optimum quality, it will then be burned to a 100-year archival audio CD and then labeled to your specifications.

Keep in mind that audio CDs can hold up to 74 minutes of recording time. For 90 minute audio cassettes to CD, we will have to break up the tape onto two CDs in order to process the order. Typically, after the audio transfer, we would put side A of the cassette on one disc, and then side B of the cassette onto the other disc, but we can combine or mix them in any fashion you choose.


When you bring audio cassette in for transferring, you have the option to set up what’s called “track splits”. Track splitting will enable you to skip from one track to another while playing the CD in your CD Player. This is especially useful for audio cassettes with recorded music, as you can switch songs easier than ever before.

Basic Audio Cassette Editing

With our basic audio editing services, we can help fix up the minor problems that may be present in your audio cassette recordings. Our audio transfer technicians are trained on a wide variety of methods to remedy audio issues.

  • Speed up or slow down your audio. Older audio cassette tapes were often capable of being recorded at different speeds. If you have an audio cassette tape that plays either too fast, or too slow, we can fix this by digitally adjusting the playback speed to the perfect level.
  • Remove unwanted sound from recordings – If you had ever wanted to clean up your audio cassette tape by removing randomly placed blips of static or noise, we can remove any unwanted noises or whole chunks of audio, if desired.
  • Custom-placed track splitting – We can strategically place track splits anywhere in your recording!
  • Remove static hums and hiss from your audio – We can greatly diminish the presence of a static humming or hiss sound that persists throughout your recording. Depending on the quality of the original cassette, we can produce some amazing results.
  • Pop/Click removal – Older audio generally exhibits some form of degradation such as clicking and popping. This is mostly caused by dust and dirt that has clung onto your audio over the years.

Audio Cassette Audio Restoration

Do your recordings have some audio issues? Our audio restoration service can help to revitalize your old recordings. Our audio restoration technicians are heavily experienced with handling a wide array of older audio recordings with a variety of symptoms. Although often a complicated process, we can usually greatly diminish many common problems associated with older analog media. Please speak to your local audio technician if you have any questions.

Transferring Audio Cassette to MP3

While CDs are the most convenient format for most customers, we can transfer your audio cassette audio into just about any file format you can think of. You can specify bit rate, number of channels as well as hertz for your custom MP3 or WAV file. The default MP3 settings are 320 kilobits per second at 44,100 hertz. If you are bringing in your own flash/hard drive with data on it to store these files, there is a $15 setup fee. There is no fee if your drive does not have data on it or if we’ve provided the drive for you.

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