Hard Drives

Would you like to do some editing of your film or tapes? You asked for it, and now you’ve got it! DVD Your Memories now has the ability to transfer your film and tapes onto an external hard drive. From there you can take it home and edit yourself, or work with one of our editors in house to create the perfect movie ( editing guide).

Hard Drives - Pricing

Transferring to hard drive is recommended if you are going to edit your footage. The file type is NTSC DV AVI, the most standard format across all editing platforms. File size runs about 13 gigabytes per hour of video. Hard drives can be PC or Mac formatted. Please call if you have any questions.

Portable Flash Drives

These are "flash drives," solid state memory and do not require a power source.

Size (Gigabytes) Price Features
16 $12 USB 3.0
32 $15 USB 3.0
64 $25 USB 3.0
128 $40 USB 3.0
256 $60 USB 3.0

Add a USB C option for $5 additional.

Portable Hard Drives

These hard drives are portable and do not require a power source to use.

Size (Gigabytes) Price Features
1000 $65 USB 3.0
2000 $75 USB 3.0

Add a USB C option for $5 additional.

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