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Take comfort in knowing that your recorded memories are only a short distance from your home or office. At DVD Your Memories, we use the best technology and professional expertise to transfer virtually any format of older media to DVD. We also offer an unmatched assurance for our discs: A Compatibility Guarantee! So, you’ll never worry about our DVDs not playing in your home DVD player.

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Whether you are next door in Yorba Linda or across the country, you’ll get a personal phone call from the expert technician who will be working on your order. We are not a cookie cutter service and we treat each order as a customizable project. We know that your memories are as unique as you are; and that’s why we tailor our services to your needs.

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    Reviews from DVD Your Memories’ Customers in Yorba Linda and the local Orange County Area:

    “We had recently found an old 8mm family film from the mid 50’s which they were able to clean up and place on a DVD of very good quality considering the age. They were very professional and completed the project on time. Because they keep the file a month or so we were able to have them put it on a flash drive which was done in a matter of minutes. We would not hesitate to use their services again in the future.”

    – JD O.

    Yorba Linda, CA

    “I worked with Bryan during a very difficult time – he helped me with reproducing pics of my father in law. He passed away a week ago, and Bryan was so sweet and really went the extra mile. He could tell that I was under a great deal of stress, and in his own free time he made color copies of my pics – off site. He was also able to convert my two 78 records into audible cd’s. Both CD’s were edited and the sound quality was just amazing, considering the age of the records.

    This establishment is top notch and so trustworthy. I left pictures and records that were priceless and received my items completed the next day. Bryan was so considerate of how I was feeling and advised me of status right away. While my order was not a huge sale, it did not matter to him. He just wanted to help. When I picked up my final order, I told him that he restored my faith in humanity. What an outstanding company and Bryan is a representative of this business – very indicative of the ownership! He also had nice things to say about his company and was proud to be a part of it all. I have more things to bring in, so I will return!

    From my first phone call to meeting them in person – very welcoming and professional. I will recommend this company to all my friends!”

    – MD K.

    Yorba Linda, CA

    “My Dad found some old super 8 film from over 40 years ago. Since we didn’t have any equipment to view the old film we decided to have it transferred to DVD. After searching on the internet I found “DVD Your Memories”. I met with Andrew and he explained the process and the cost. I decided to go forward with the project. What we received was a surprise that is now a family treasure. The new DVD contains video of my mother and father on vacation over 40 years ago. I highly recommend DVD Your Memories. They are professional and very easy to work with.”

    – Steve H.

    Yorba Linda, CA

    “I want to thank you and your company for the excellent work you did in converting my film to DVD. Granted that the film was in a horrible condition because not only was it almost 60 years old but it had deteriorated to such a point that I was ready to give up all hope. I went to Costco that farms the conversion out to a third party and they couldn’t work with the film. I was then referred to a company located in Burbank and I was optimistic because I thought who better to work with my film than a company located so near to the heart of Southern California’s film industry. They, too, were unable to work with the film because it had degraded so severely. I was ready to give up and I even told them to go ahead and throw the film away. After some reflection, I asked them to send the film back because I wasn’t ready to quit just yet. I was willing to give someone one more chance but where to find them? I did a search on the internet and found your company. I sent an email essentially challenging your personnel to do something that four other companies had failed at. My wife made the trip and dropped off the film hoping for the best. Three weeks later, Adam called to let me know that he had been able to convert most of the film. The quality of the conversion in the final product is amazing considering the condition of the film and its age. I am extremely pleased that I was able to find your company to finally bring it to a conclusion. I can assure you that anytime I am asked, I will enthusiastically endorse your company for converting film to a digital form. Thank you again for all that you have done and my mother will be happy to finally see film that her father took almost 60 years ago!”

    – JR Crusick.

    Orange County, CA

    “We got a lot of laughs out of the film you transferred. Our family has watched the DVD you created many times. I have given your name out to many people, we are VERY satisfied with the service you have provided.”

    – Tony M.

    Orange County, CA

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