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Take comfort in knowing that your recorded memories are only a short distance from your home or office. At DVD Your Memories, we use the best technology and professional expertise to transfer virtually any format of older media to DVD. We also offer an unmatched assurance for our discs: A Compatibility Guarantee! So, you’ll never worry about our DVDs not playing in your home DVD player.

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Whether you are next door in West Hollywood or across the country, you’ll get a personal phone call from the expert technician who will be working on your order. We are not a cookie cutter service and we treat each order as a customizable project. We know that your memories are as unique as you are; and that’s why we tailor our services to your needs.

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    Reviews from DVD Your Memories’ Customers in West Hollywood and the local Los Angeles Area:

    “Short and Sweet: I was very impressed with the service at DVD Your Memories. After dropping off reel to reel tapes, Ryan Brown called me a few times informing me of the process time. There were speed problems with the tapes that I gave them and they took the time to make sure it transferred properly. I picked up the DVDs in a few days. I will definitely recommend this company to friends and family.

    Long and, well, it’s sweet, too! I found 2 reel to reel tapes in old family history boxes and had no idea what was on them. I decided to try to play them but could not find anyone with a WORKING reel to reel. I Googled “Reel to reel transfer” and found DVD Your Memories. After speaking with them, I decided to make the 1 hr drive to have them transferred. As mentioned above, the service and final product were fabulous! One tape was my brother’s, recorded in the late ’60/’70s and it was reflective of the times; very funny to listen to today. The second tape was also recorded in the late 60s and it was a jackpot! It was a recording of my grandparents, aunts and uncle talking, laughing and most importantly, singing old Scottish and Irish songs. Since only one aunt is living, it was so wonderful to listen to them and hear their songs again. We are having a documentary done on my family and the quality of this DVD recording will work well with the film.
    Thank you DVD Your Memories and Ryan!”

    – A H.

    West Hollywood, CA

    “I found DVD Your Memories online and went to them mostly because of the favorable location, but I was delighted with what I found. I had some very old family movies (some from 1938) that I had had transferred to tape and now need to have switched over to DVD. The staff was extraordinary–friendly, eager to help, willing to take whatever time it took to help me decide what was worth saving and what might not be. The person who helped me the first time took a great deal of time with me previewing each tape to see what was on it (in some cases, I didn’t even know!) and to see the condition. He told me that the condition would be about what it was on the tapes, but that they would try to improve it, and that actually happened. I was thrilled with the way the DVDs came out, and I thought the price was very reasonable (they gave me an estimate, based on how long I thought the tapes were, and the final price was even less than projected). The physical facility is very light, clean and pleasant. I would definitely go back again and have already recommended them to others.”

    – Lois G.

    West Hollywood, CA

    “I just spent an hour laughing/crying at my baby videos…which are now on DVD!!!!! These guys are great. Dropped my VHS off on Wednesday, picked up the DVDs on Friday. Quick, easy, and only about $30 for 2 DVDs. Most importantly, I can now rest assured that the footage on my aging VHS is safe, not to mention easier to watch (I recently had to explain to a 10-year-old what a VCR is). I definitely recommend getting your stuff transferred here!”

    – Cynthia R.

    West Hollywood, CA

    “Great professional service. Excellent quality transfer of an old cassette tape of my Grandfather giving a speech in 1960. I’d never heard his voice before so it was a great experience on many levels.”

    – Richard P.

    Culver City, CA

    “It was such a gift to get these films transferred. We thought we had lost them years ago and when we found them we weren’t sure if anything was on them. Not only did we get them transferred, they looked great. We were very happy with you guys.”

    – Miriam M.

    Long Beach, CA

    “You did the impossible. It was a rush and I appreciate it so much. This was 50-year-old film of our family that was in boxes in my dad’s trailer house in Oregon. We didn’t know where to take it or anything about the technology, and everyone in my family was avoiding the project. I came to your office and I really felt that your staff treated me with respect, despite the last minute holiday timing. Also, your parking lot needs to be more convenient and I would recommend exterior signage on the building. I almost didn’t come in last summer.”

    – Peggy G.

    Los Angeles, CA

    Professional Media Transfer Services Offered to Families in the West Hollywood and Los Angeles Region:

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    3. Audio to CD Services
    1. Photo Scanning Service
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