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Take comfort in knowing that your recorded memories are only a short distance from your home or office. At DVD Your Memories, we use the best technology and professional expertise to transfer virtually any format of older media to DVD. We also offer an unmatched assurance for our discs: A Compatibility Guarantee! So, you’ll never worry about our DVDs not playing in your home DVD player.

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Whether you are next door in Carmel Valley or across the country, you’ll get a personal phone call from the expert technician who will be working on your order. We are not a cookie cutter service and we treat each order as a customizable project. We know that your memories are as unique as you are; and that’s why we tailor our services to your needs.

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    Reviews from DVD Your Memories’ Customers in Carmel Valley and the local San Diego Area:

    “I appreciate the excellent customer service and fantastic products I have received from this company. There have been many times I have asked Caleb to assist me in documenting my life stories and experiences onto a DVD. Each time his quality and excellent customer service has come through. I have shown my DVD’s at family gatherings and to friends numerous times. It’s a blast to watch my DVD’s and see my life in action.

    I highly recommend Caleb and guarantee he will do an excellent job on your next project. As a matter of fact, I’m putting another project together right now!”

    – David G.

    Carmel Valley, CA

    “I took in my mom’s 35MM films dating back to 1939. Some of them were in very bad shape, quite deteriorated. I immediately got the impression that DVD Your Memories was going to treat my family films with the utmost of care and do their very best to transfer them to DVD. Some footage was definitely lost, but what was able to be transferred was amazingly preserved. The customer service was excellent. The technicians patiently worked with me to make sure the films were transferred in the correct order and did not hesitate to re-order them when I initially got it wrong. The entire project was done very quickly, very professionally, and very reasonably. I highly recommend!”

    – LJ H.

    Carmel Valley, CA

    “Had a great experience with this company. I wanted to convert a video cassette to a DVD and have 5 additional DVD copies made for family members. The very original film was old reel to reel 3mm film of home movies taken by my father back in the 50’s and 60’s. In 1995 I had the reel to reel films converted to a video cassette and set to music. Somehow through the years between 1995 to now, the music had faded and we could no longer hear it. When DVD Your Memories converted the video cassette to DVDs, the audio returned. Now our whole family can enjoy not only the family home movies from so long ago, but we can also enjoy the music I set to it back in 1995. This company was professional, the film was done when they said it would be done and everyone has was very helpful. I had some extra credit left over and they converted still photos to a DVD as well. They strike me as very honest and capable. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

    – Marie K.

    Carmel Valley, CA

    “I own a very old Verizon razr with two saved calls of my mother’s voice who just passed away. After 3 failures to recover the audio with Verizon technicians I called dvd your memories. Anthony listened patiently as I explained, with my lack of technical knowledge, that this was the last time I could hear my mother sing. He immediately set an appointment for the next day with Caleb ( the expert). With less than a 5 minute wait, Caleb brought me over to the equipment, found the right connections for the old phone, had me listen to the captured calls, and transferred them to a CD in less than 45 minutes from start to finish. Caleb was not only an expert, but he was courteous, patient, and informative as to what he was doing. The quality on the CD was wonderful from such an old phone. Caleb you’re my hero and I plan to use this great group of professionals to capture memories again.”

    – Kathy H

    San Diego, CA

    “If you have VHS tapes that you want transferred to DVD without costing you a fortune “DVD Your Memories” is the place to go. I work in the industrial area of Kearney Mesa and found “DVD Your Memories” quite by accident. They did a wonderful job transferring “Nancy Wilson live at Carnegie Hall and Judy Garland live at Carnegie Hall both taped from KPBS specials and unavailable on DVD, along with other music and sports specials I had recorded from television. The sound quality was just as good as the VHS tapes and its so much easier to watch the shows on DVD. The price was alot less than I thought i’d have to pay for this kind of work. If you’ve got tapes to transfer this is the place to go! The staff was very helpful and friendly and answered all my questions. Nice clean office too!”

    – Dan B.

    San Diego, CA

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