Types of Video Tapes: A Quick Guide

Posted by Chris on 6-24-2011

Video tapes can come in many different formats. Some large, some small. Some are capable of holding hours and hours of footage, some can hold merely 20 minutes. Trying to figure out what each tape is, and how much it holds can be a time consuming process. Below is a guide on the different types of video tapes which you might find helpful if prepping for a video to DVD or a video to hard drive transfer.

MiniDVD MiniDVD to DVD ~20 Minutes per side
MicroMV MicroMV to DVD 60 minutes
MiniDV MiniDV to DVD 60 minutes (Stantard)
90 minutes (Extended)
Video8, Hi8, Digital8 Hi8 to DVD 120 minutes (Standard)
240 minutes (Extended)
VHS-C VHS-C to DVD 30 minutes (Standard)
90 minutes (Extended)
VHS VHS to DVD 2 hours (Standard)
6-8 hours (Extended)
Betamax Betamax to DVD 60 minutes (Standard)
3/4″ U-Matic UMatic to DVD Varies (Running time stamped on tape)
Betacam Betacam to DVD Varies (Running time stamped on tape)

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