A neat little toy has been found for the 8mm film enthusiast. The camcorder is called the Fuuvi Bee Camera, and it’s actually capable of shooting over 100 minutes of footage on a single charge. What makes it even more interesting, is that because of the low specs on the camera, the resulting footage has the look and feel of a vintage 8mm film. They even took the care to design the camera as a 8mm look-a-like!

The specs on the camera are far below what you’d find on it’s competitors. The video is recorded at 640×480 at 30fps and the camera is a 1.3MP also capable of taking still shots. The camera is pretty tiny, and you don’t have to worry about changing out reels of film every few minutes. When you’re finished shooting, the camera plugs right into your computer with a USB plug housed on the camera itself.

Here’s a short sample of the quality it can provide.

Maybe once finished transferring all of the 8mm film to DVD, you can start recording even more 8mm movies with everyone grown up, and combine them with your film transfer DVD for a comedic effect!

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