Enjoying Your Old Film on DVD

Posted by Chris on 5-13-2011

Have you ever thought about converting your old 8mm film over to a digital format? Much of the film we have, hasn’t been seen for over 20-30 years and after putting the film on DVD, is perfect to bring out during a special family gathering or event. Being able to see footage of your family from 50+ years ago is an incredible experience, and it’s amazing that technology has allowed us the privilege to watch important events from the past.

Here is one example of an 8mm film transfer, taken from an amusement park. The screen has been split to show the original colors on the left, and the restored film on the right. As you can see the film had been heavily color-shifted to red/magenta.

At DVD Your Memories, we can even take your old film and restore it to it’s original colors and vibrancy. Now you can watch your film, digitized, and fully restored to it’s original quality. You can even combine your film with images from slide scanning, or photo scanning jobs as well. Watching this old footage will definitely bring a tear to your eye! This is truly a priceless service.

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