Was Betamax Truly Superior to VHS?

Posted by Chris on 1-6-2012

We all know the Betamax format was technically superior to the VHS tape if we simply compared specs on the tapes themselves. However, you also need to consider the “whole product”.

“The whole product” model also provided a convincing explanation of why VHS had thrashed Betamax. VHS offered a bigger choice of hardware at lower cost, the tapes were cheaper and more easily available, there were a lot more movies to rent, and so on. Indeed, the main thing that didn’t fit was the idea was that Betamax was “technically superior”. Standing in a shop at the time, there was absolutely no visible difference in picture quality, and some reviews had found that VHS’s quality was superior.

When transferring betamax to DVD and VHS to DVD in San Diego, it’s often hard to tell which one is of better quality due to the age of the tapes, you be the judge!

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