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Posted by Chris on 7-7-2010

Throughout the years, millions of families have been capturing their memories and lives with hopes of preserving them for future generations. As most of us are aware, these older media types will not stand the test of time and last forever. Luckily, technology has progressed to the point where near complete restoration is possible on much of the older media people may have. With new advancements in digital video editing, whole new digital masterpieces can be created which could incorporate any combination of film, video, images, audio.

During the 80s and 90s, many people opted to have their 8mm and 16mm film transferred to VHS or S-VHS tapes. Due to the nature of VHS tapes, and the material it’s composed of, the data on these tapes will not last forever, and often the original film will outlast magnetic forms of media such as VHS tapes. When it comes to precious memories such as your families archive of 8mm film, or 16mm film, you now have the option to digitally transfer these home movies to archival quality DVDs, or put them onto an external hard drive.

Over the years, film such as 8mm or 16mm will color-shift generally to either blue, purple, or magenta, depending on the material of the film. With the premium film transfer, you can have your film completely restored to it’s original colors, and make sure that your under and over-exposed scenes are corrected in real time. Take a look below for a couple of examples of some restoration work on some of our film to DVD transfers in San Diego.

As you can see, the restoration process can make a huge difference in the end product of your film to DVD transfers. We perform these types of transfers and restorations on a daily basis in our San Diego and Irvine office’s and countless people have been amazed at the stunning quality of their DVD movies.

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